TॐS (2012)

by toms

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Fourth LP release by dirty blues guitarist/songwriter Toms Relling.


released April 4, 2012

Recorded by Chris Braun and Toms Relling. Special thanks to the Bhava Blues Band, comprising of Parker Simon (bass) and Paul Krantz (drums) for playing on "Torch" and "Ain't Gonna Be Yer Dog No More". Special thanks to Kaeli Earle for cello and upright bass on "Blues Coming Through" and "Kala".



all rights reserved


toms San Francisco, California

singin' and stringin'


  • Oct 27
    Gainesville, FL

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Track Name: Torch
two young girls by the side of the road
they think they know what they doin
here come the boys moving way too fast
they're all in the mood for foolin'

said "hey little girl, won't you step in the back
if you think you got what it takes
we gonna drive real fast and go real hard
i know we gonna make some mistakes"

she let her hair fall down to her golden skin
her eyes were as red as the sun
i could tell by the way, the look on her face
that she was gonna be my only one

said "hey little girl won't you step in the back
if you think you got what it takes
we gonna drive real fast and go real hard
i know we gonna make some mistakes"

i wouldn't pass the torch just yet boys
Track Name: Corner of the Room
i see you watching me, you ain't staring
you're keeping your distance with your eyes
but i'm feeling you anyways
you feel it down deep, i know that you wanna try

getting closer, get closer dear
i'm getting lonesome waiting over here
you feel that pull and your gaze drifts over to my corner of the room
pretty soon we'll be knowing love

then i'm torn away for a moment
where've you gone where've you gone where'd you go
i'm sinking, i feel like i'm sinking
i wanted you, you wanted me and i know

we could be happy together
treating you, treating me right
things heat up and your gaze drifts over to my corner of the room
pretty soon we'll be sharing love

no time left to waste
you're gonna be my woman today
but if you go tellin' me that it's too soon
let me show you what i can do

in the morning, in the night time
if it feels alright to you
we can find each other's center
in the beautiful things that love's gonna lead you through

i'm serious about you woman
we can do much more than just turn each other on
i feel your presence when your gaze drifts over to my corner of the room
pretty soon we'll be making love
Track Name: Fever Blues
do you get the fever?
do you get the chills?
takes more than empty teardrops to know how i feel

my soul is aching
feel like i been cursed
ain't no way this burning fever can get much worse

i won't look no one in the eye, for the evil will disperse

are you feeling lonesome?
are you feeling blue?
if you're craving with your body, its got you too

too late to take it back
can't reconcile
better get real friendly, fever's gonna stay awhile

don't want no evil spirit won't be no voodoo chile
Track Name: Blues Coming Through
Track Name: You
i think i'll work out a song for you
i'm lonesome and thinking about what you put me through
i jump in the river, get pushed out to sea
wish i could have you to drown here with me
but i couldn't find you when i called for you there
i'm brushed aside like a hand in your hair
how many times must my soul sink below?
i'd follow you down but i know where you go

if i had the courage to make you my own
we ain't gotta carry on alone

i think i'll go on my own separate way
the sea pulls me under the mist and the spray
you make me so heavy and i do believe
my body's so dense that i can't even breathe
when you come around and lust fills the room
i'd make you my own but it's just far too soon
you know i'll be here when you come 'round again
but i won't make no promise i can't keep til the end

why do i feel the way i do?
is it because of my love for you?
Track Name: Ain't Gonna Be Yer Dog No More
been mistreated, i'm ashamed
brown skinned women don't know my name
know i'll come and play your game
by tomorrow we won't feel the same

then i'll cry, like every time
but i ain't gonna be yer dog no more

ride to the country into the wood
on the ground where my baby stood
know i'm gone, i'm gone for good
by tomorrow you know you should

then i'll fly, see me fly
ain't gonna be yer dog no more
Track Name: Kala
moon wane lovingly
stars at the balcony
hear me tapping softly at your door

and you remember when
snow cloaked the sycamores
hear now god descending unto thee

sky on everything
growth 'neath the firmament
trees rise up and offer ceaseless praise

dissolve into everyone
ascend to a paragon
give us all a gift and you'll receive

we find ourselves cooked by time's flow and change
better take a minute and re-arrange

you seek some remedy
an ether for the malady
hear my voice resound within your soul

the earth breathes carefully
don't search visually
who of us sees mountains rise and fall?

twixt granite corridors
water rushes ever towards
re uniting one within the all

witness symmetry
unfold cyclically
synchronize your soul with all that is
Track Name: Muddy Ozark Stomp
rain keeps fallin' we're gonna all get washed away
road's underwater we're gonna have to stay

sky turned black twister knockin at the door
when's the sun coming out can't say for sure

dark days coming water's on the rise
here comes old Noah got a message from the skies

and the rains fall turn a dusty road to mud
sinners keep on sinning turn a river into blood
Track Name: Loving Song
when you look inward what do you see?
lose your ego your identity
it's underneath your skin
outer beauty emanates from within
see the people overlooking what they are
reach your arms out give them a bit of your star
and they'll remember as they forget
to look for difference but they won't realize it yet

where do they call home? where do they belong? can they see God coming through me to you? i hope they do

don't need money, you need to feel the love
feel the warmth coming from above
ain't superstition gonna show you what you seek
through each other we know the love we need
sing to the people let them know a loving song
may they be welcomed and know that they belong
on this Earth with all of us as one
to live as humans underneath a loving sun

here they will call home, here's where they belong
they will see God coming through me to you
and know they do
Track Name: Form
breathe in slow yourself down
you can't stop time anyway
and with the sun sinking down
the passing of another living day

seasons change but i'm certain that i've walked before
passing on through the cycles you pass on through the form

what matters? what's really real?
they'll tell you, but how can they know?
change is fixed, everything crumbles
to the life we tread below

you can find if you want to
be aware be born
keeping on through the cycles til we shed the form

to toil but dream leaves you unfulfilled
how can they demand?
the love and honesty and all the respect
if it don't first come by your hand

you may pass unremembered
passing's what's in store
passing on through the cycles, you pass on through the form